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There are numerous causes that are at the root of prolonged fatigue and eventually depletes someone so completely that they become burned out. Many people use their reserves continuously without being even aware of it - it has become a habit. But the exhausted reserves must also be repleted and this often takes more time than many people think they have - or want to take. If this doesnīt happen - often unexpected - phenomena such as fatigue, exhaustion and burnout may occur. To simply rest is no longer sufficient to recharge. Even after a long holiday a deep fatigue remains and a confrontation with the (work) situation often proves that the problem is more serious than expected.

Not only difficulties, necessities, duties or ambitions underlie a burnout. Often someoneīs commitment and enthusiasm also cause a lot of pressure and exhaust the energy reserves. Exhaustion and burnout occur when the - positive or negative - (in)direct workload is too high for too long without time to be recharged sufficiently again. The fatigue then turns increasingly into mental, physical and / or emotional exhaustion. Hereby often many other symptoms occur, such as a lack of motivation, apathy, emotionality, anxiety, depression, irritability, frustration, insomnia etc.

All such complaints are clear signals that indicate something isn't right and that the balance should be restored. Alas, many people donīt take their feelings seriously and tend to ignore or suppress these alarming signals. They continue to work as long as possible - often with the use of alcohol or drugs - so that exhaustion and burnout can engrain further. Many people donīt believe that this will happen to them and because they donīt want to be 'weak' or donīt want to 'whine', they continue too long with their complaints. Unfortunately, the further the complaints get engrained, the longer the recovery process usually takes.

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Examples of underlying causes for exhaustion and burnout include too big a workload, a poor work environment, conflicts, perfectionism, performance pressure, difficulties with delegating, poor prospects, fear of dismissal, working above or below ones capacities, not saying 'no', private and social difficulties, changes in housing, work and / or relationships, uncertainty about oneīs own performance, etc. But also conscientiousness, ambition, necessity, commitment and enthusiasm, can be the cause for a burnout. Often these causes are not acknowledged, understood or taken seriously enough and therefore real recovery and recharge doesnīt happen. It is necessary to understand the causes and to tackle these effectively, so the energy, strength, confidence and enthusiasm can return.

Treatment and therapy for burnout can best be started if the battery is not completely empty, but obviously ībetter late than neverī applies here. Burnout treatment and therapy begins with analyzing and clarifying the psychological and practical factors that have caused the burnout. These factors are then tackled step by step and a better method of dealing with difficulties and challenges is internalized. Often it is important to learn to recognize the stress and fatigue signals at an earlier stage, and to overcome the reasons for ignoring them. These insights, combined with practical steps to rebuild energy reserves makes the treatment very effective.

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