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Clients tell about their experiences with the Centrumpraktijk in Haarlem:

The best help that I could wish for. Thank you for all your time and effort!
Carla - teamleader

Finally someone who really knows what he's talking about! Why aren't there more of you? Thank you very much! You've helped me fantastic! Irene - hr manager

I don't avoid anything anymore and I feel strong. I didn't take any medication since then; luckily I can do without them. Thanks for the clear insights and conversations. Your tools come in handy every day.
Mark - Accountant
You think it won't happen to you, but I was really completely burned out. Now I've got my balance and energy back and I just feel fine again. What a difference with six months ago! Your guidance was really good. Especially the combination of theory and practice was perfect for me. Why didn't I do this many years ago?!
Dorien - psychologist

Thanks to you, I don't let them drive me crazy anymore. With the help of your tools, stress has less and less effect on me and my whole family benefits from this.
Conrad - Branch Manager

It was good to talk to you about the things that bothered me for so long. Thank you for your understanding and support. You gave me important lessons about my balance and limits, which ensure that I can handle life again.
Sjoukje - projectcoordinator

Clear steps, complete process, professional guidance. Great help!
Sander - Administrator

Avoidance isn't necessary anymore! Thanks to you I venture out again. I do the things I like nowadays and even though that is sometimes a bit scary, I know I can do it!
Anita - financial assistant

Odd that I was so ashamed of my trembling hands. And now I'm not anymore, they don't shake anymore! And I was struggling and toiling on my own for so long ... . What a few good conversations can not accomplish! Thank you.
Simon - technical consultant

I'm working again and that goes well. Very well! Every day I still benefit from the sessions. You helped me to get everything straight. That gives me the grip I need when the whole gang is coming in and the work piles up.
Moniek - teacher

It is of great value to me that you recognized my patterns and pitfalls so well. And it has helped me tremendously that the course was so clear. This enabled me to take the right steps towards recovery.
Ron - Commercial Director

I am very pleased with the outcome of the sessions, I have found my balance again. I am feeling stronger and increasingly confident to say what I think. I notice this not only in my work, but also at the club; I am more assertive and I feel more at ease.
Jeroen - Sales Manager

It seems now like a bad dream to me. I was afraid of almost everything! Thank you! Life is worth living again! You really are a tremendous support to me, it is great what you do.
Ellen - operations supervisor

Why haven't I found the Centrumpraktijk sooner?! That would have saved me so much time and trouble!
Marian - GP

I really did not know where to search for help anymore when I knocked at your door. Thank God you put me back on my feet. I owe you many thanks for your dedication and commitment.
Anton - graphic designer

I'm quite back and I am very grateful to you. I carried my bagage around for much too long; what a waste of time. I'm so glad I took the step to call you.
Pieter - entrepreneur

That another way of life existed other than being scared and to fight or to flee ... . What a huge difference.
Paul - Field Sales

I'm really confident and I'm confident to be myself more and more! Who would have thought that of Sonja!
Sonja - dental assistant

Finally I can do what I want again. The sessions made my life a lot easier.
Arnoud - helpdesk employee

I have lived in fear for so long that I hardly knew it was possible to live without. Your help has pulled me out of it.
Daphne - nurse

Your support and guidance have helped me through a very difficult time. I got my confidence back and with that much is won. I therefore truly recommend the Centrumpraktijk to everyone.
John - Auditor

I thought I would never recharge again, but with your help it went faster than I imagined to be possible.
Frank - police officer

No more panic attacks! For over two years! Fantastic! Thank you very much for everything.
Maartje - purchasing agent

I dreaded having to go to a therapist, but it wasn't so bad at all. It was pretty scary at first to make an appointment, but you were luckily very friendly and very ordinary. That was a huge relief! The therapy was really good and I'm going back to college for some time now. I often don't even think about it!
Mariette - student

I am very glad that the coaching is not only very insightful and clear, but also very practical. This has done me much good.
Barbara - Retired teacher

I drive daily without problems on the 'dreaded' bridge. It feels great to have overcome my panic.
Anne - physiotherapist

I gained a lot from the therapy. Sometimes I read through the notes again and that helps me to remain balanced.
Karen - secretary

Finally we talk together again. And we laugh a bit more. It was very good for us to have a few sessions.
Jan & Annette

It took quite some effort, but what do you expect after so many years. Your methods have been indispensable.
Johan & Colette

It's a relief to have said it all and clarified matters. What a miscommunication we had! It was an important step to take and it is good that things started moving again. Thank you for your attention and patience.
Marianne - mother and manager

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