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Peter Dielesen (1967) helps people in a personal and effective way to tackle their challenges and difficulties and to strengthen their balance and confidence in their private life and work. He has a broad therapeutic background and combines a thorough theoretical knowledge with great practical experience, which makes him very successful in his work. Since 1987, he mastered a great many tools and insights through a large variety of courses, trainings and studies and because of this he has an extended knowledge and experience in therapeutic processes. His background consists of a broad range of studies, training and courses in consciousness & personal development, including Primal Therapy, Emotional Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Body-oriented therapy etc. Hereby he has numerous effective techniques, insightful methodologies and practical tools to help people to restore their balance and to reach their personal goals.

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Peter went his own way from a young age and made distant and long travels for many years. He has lived and worked in several countries, including Greece, India and Australia. Peter has a deep personal interest in psychological and metaphysical issues and has in the past 35 years studied intensively with many Eastern and Western teachers. His great life experience not only makes for a deeper understanding of the human mind, development, behaviors and feelings, but also makes for personal experience with various difficulties and challenges in life. Thus he knows not only from theory, but also from his own experience how to handle many problems. This extended personal experience enables him to understand people very well and therefore he can help them better with the challenges and difficulties they are facing.

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Practical, effective coaching, therapy and relationshipcounseling in Haarlem and Heemstede;
Bloemendaal, Aerdenhout, Zandvoort, Ijmuiden, Schiphol, Hoofddorp, Nieuw-Vennep, Hillegom, Beverwijk.