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Coaching helps you to function better as a professional, sharpen your abilities and strengthen your weaknesses. Coaching is aimed at professionals who want to perform (even) better in their jobs and to assist with work related changes, possibilities and problems. Coaching is essential in the prevention and cure of stress, anxiety and burnout and gives you the insight and tools to obviate tensions, prolonged fatigue and overwrought. The assistance of a coach is often sought to improve performances and to assist with difficulties and challenges in the functioning and communication of individuals and/or teams.

More and more people acknowledge that the assistance of a coach is very useful and often indispensable in order to continue to function well. Due to the complexities and high demands of the modern working environment itīs largely impossible for an individual to foresee and tackle all the issues at hand and to avoid all the traps laying ahead. Coaching helps to deal with the difficulties that make the workload heavier than necessary and gives you the opportunity to broaden your insight, possibilities and outlook.

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The patterns that are inherent to an individualīs personality-structure often make the workload heavier and the performance generally less effective. Differentiating between functional and dysfunctional sides of patterns such as perfectionism and over-responsibility etc. is an important part of the coaching process. Preventing these patterns from having negative consequences on oneīs performance makes the working life not only easier, but allows you to apply your qualities better and more effectively. This results in a better grip on your actions, reactions and the tasks at hand, and increases your self-confidence and energy.

Coaching consists of a sequence of sessions over the course of several weeks. The coach will guide you in the process of getting clarity, finding a stronger balance, and to (re)define and reach your goals and targets. The role of the coach is to give feedback and to confront where necessary, to give insight and tools, to reflect and to mirror, to assist with changes and choices. The coaching sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual or the team, since these can differ greatly per person and situation. In the coaching sessions many different issues can be tackled like career choices, prioritizing, time-management, borders and limits, delegating, dealing with responsibilities, insecurities, conflicts and pressure, and so on.

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