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Insecurity and nervousness are for many people a severe problem. The 'difficult' feelings they experienced in all kinds of situations can make life very complicated. Especially with 'important' people and 'exciting' situations, these feelings often are so strong that relaxed and natural behavior becomes virtually impossible and they are no longer able to function normally. Despite the often courageous attempts to wrest these feelings, for many people it is very difficult to overcome this by themselves without sufficient aid and knowledge.

Many people therefore remain trapped in trying to suppress and conceal their insecurity and nervousness and try to avoid situations in which these feelings arise. They are often ashamed of themselves and their feelings and are afraid to be seen as 'weak'. Because the insecurity and nervousness rears its head every time again - especially when it's not convenient - this can result in their being hindered, from childhood until old age.

It can have a major impact on your life when you avoid situations because you are insecure or nervous. As a result you get hindered in your behaviour and performance and a negative spiral occurs, which continues to undermine your confidence, and decreases your zest in life and your happiness. It is therefore necessary to identify and address the causes of your insecurity and nervousness, in order to find a better balance and increase your confidence.

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Insecurity and nervousness may make contact with other people and situations like parties and dinners very difficult. It may cause you to perform below your capacities or being unable to make use of your qualities. It may result in procrastinating indefinitely or getting nowhere anymore. It may cause you to stammer or blush, not find the right words or blackout completely. It may cause (work)situations such as social interaction, presentations, meetings and representational rounds etc. to be problematic and make you want to avoid very ordinary situations and people because your feelings are hindering you.

It usually works just partially or temporarily to avoid 'difficult' people or 'difficult' situations and avoiding them doesn´t solve the problem. On the contrary, if you avoid situations where insecurity and nervousness play up, your world will get smaller and you will miss out on lots of fun and interesting possibilities. Because of this work situations and career prospects are often under pressure and relationships and friendships may suffer greatly as well.

Therefore the Centrumpraktijk helps you to detect and tackle the causes of your insecurity and nervousness and to internalize a effective way to deal with these feelings, so that you're no longer hindered and restricted and you can (re)build your confidence.

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