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At the Centrumpraktijk you will always be helped in a personal and confidential way and the approach is customized to your needs and situation. This means that the therapeutic or coaching course and method are (slightly) different for everyone, because every person is unique and has a specific development pace and direction. The aim is to help you to regain your balance in a limited number of sessions and to assist you in internalizing the tools in order for you to be able to tackle the difficult situations and feelings in your life, work and relationships by yourself.

The basis of the approach of the Centrumpraktijk generally consists of a solid form of Cognitive Therapy, complemented with insightful and practical tools for your personal development, techniques for the processing of emotions and traumas and exercises to strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence. If desired, a post-course consisting of one session every month or six weeks to keep you on track and / or to fine tune your approach is possible, and for many people this is a welcome closure of the trajectory.

During the sessions you will be asked to make notes of the things you learn and the insights you have, so you do not forget important things. You are always welcome to ask critical questions, in order for you to really understand yourself and grasp the process of recovering and development thoroughly. Sometimes after a session you get an insightful text on the subject you are working on. Usually you get a number of questions and practical exercises to help you to 'own' the new insights and put them into practice.

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In the next session we look together at your progress - what you do and do not understand and what you do and do not know and how to put new insights and tools into practice. Some steps you can make quickly your own, while at other times you may need a little more time, explanation and practice and we keep to your pace. Thus we tackle your difficulties step by step, so after a few sessions, you will feel stronger and more energetic. From the whole of the texts, tasks and notes we make an orderly guide on which you can always fall back if needed some time in the future and this prevents a relapse.

For most people, the first step in the approach of the Centrumpraktijk consists of practical cognitive insights and working with (dys)functional patterns such as perfectionism, over-responsibility, negativity and so on. This will help you to improve your understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how - if necessary - you can bring about change. This enables you to understand how and why the negative, debilitating and limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours that complicate your life arise. This insight is then applied in a very practical way by recognizing and addressing the dysfunctional patterns in your daily life and you will be coached intensively in the process of exercise and change. This gives you an ever increasing grip on your thoughts and feelings and enables you to tackle difficulties in a better way.

If necessary the methodology of the Centrumpraktijk consists of several other important steps in order to cope better with with pain, grief, loss, frustration and anger. Many people do not know what to do when they are confronted with strong feelings, so they tend to suppress and struggle with their emotions. With the aid of emotional channelising processes you can achieve a greater emotional stability and maturity.

Additional steps with which the Centrumpraktijk helps you - if necessary - to cope with the 'lesser' sides of yourself and to accept and transform these difficult feelings. This reduces the intensity of feelings like insecurity, nervousness, vulnerability, inferiority, fear, panic, negativity, inability and exhaustion and enables you to handle and place them. Then you no longer need to fight or suppress your own feelings and lesser sides and this enables you to find a deeper sense of calm and peace with yourself.

The final steps in the approach of the Centrumpraktijk helps you - if necessary - to heal the deepest underlying causes of your imbalance. If you have a deep dent in your sense of trust, safety, self-esteem and / or self-confidence (from your childhood or later in life) it may be necessary to heal these, so that these feelings do not continue to determine your life. Many relapses in therapeutic processes are caused by a lack of knowledge about this part of the therapy in both therapists and clients. Because of this your underlying weak spots remain unresolved and over time the dysfunctional patterns rear their heads again. In this process you will be helped to heal the deeper wounds in your personality and strengthen your weak spots. You learn to live from trust and self-confidence and a stronger sense of peace, strength and self esteem and to find your real balance. This will bring independence and freedom in your life, work and relationships and gives you the ability to live your own life instead of letting your choices being determined by your old wounds.

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