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Anyone who ever had a panic attack knows that this is a very shocking experience. During an attack many people get afraid they will die or go mad, and these fears exacerbates the panic many times. People often become afraid of the next panic attack and get caught up in ´fear of the fear´.

When hyperventilation and anxiety tip over in panic attacks this usually becomes a major problem, that can start to control large parts of someone's life. This often disrupts a person's life, relationships and work to a large extend and it becomes very necessary to fully address the complaints and restore the balance truly.

The starting point of the trajectory is - if necessary - crisis assistance, in order for you to get a bit more relaxation and balance in your current situation. This is sometimes needed in order to create the space in which the underlying causes of your problems can be investigated and tackled. Crisis assistance consists of helping you to bring the strongest feelings under control through various practical and insightful techniques.

Hyperventilation is for many people a difficult problem which is not solved by merely breathing- and relaxation exercises. A "wrong" way of breathing is usually caused by underlying tensions, insecurities or fears. It is therefore important to determine and tackle the cause of hyperventilation. And the sooner you do that, the less the complaints get the chance to engrain or get worse.

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After you know how to control your breathing and to relax a little, the course begins with helping you to deal in a better way with your sabotaging thoughts, feelings and difficult situations, so that you get more grip on situations and relationships in your life that you find difficult. By addressing the underlying causes of hyperventilation and panic attacks you´ll get a better grip on your feelings and breathing, resulting in these symptoms to disappear.

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