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The Centrumpraktijk (= "Centerpractice") was founded in 1997 by Peter Dielesen to enable people to develop their qualities and to help people to deal effectively with their problems, so they can (re)gain their strength, energy and balance both in their work and private lives. The combination of theoretical knowledge and personal experience makes it possible for people to understand, change, develop and integrate their strengths and weaknesses with greater ease and speed. The premise of the Centrumpraktijk to give practical and effective tools in a personal and insightful way, in order for people to live and work with more confidence and handle their possibilities and difficulties with greater clarity.

Everyone will encounter problems that disturb their personal balance at some point in their lives. Fortunately, it is more common nowadays to go to a coach or therapist and talk about the challenges and difficulties that you encounter in your life, work and relationships. Entrepreneurs, CEO´s and managers, IT people, architects and artists, salespeople, officials and caretakers, professors, doctors and students - people of all ages and walks of life take the step to start with coaching or therapy sessions. Therefore at the Centrumpraktijk you are treated in a 'normal' and personal way and not reviewed as a patient in a detached way.

In the complex situations, relationships and feelings in one's life and work, additional knowledge, understanding and good advice can be very useful in order to cope well. The methodology of the Centrumpraktijk enables you to internalize effective and practical tools and has proven itself over the course of many years to be very successful. It often makes a big difference to have someone to talk to who understands what you're going through and who possesses much insight into the situation and it's causes. A person that can help you to internalize new tools and to cope better with obstructive feelings and tackle difficult situations, so you can (re)gain your balance, direction and confidence.

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