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Everyone encounters difficult situations in life and sometimes it is very hard to overcome them just by yourself. Many people are accustomed to solve their own problems, so when they don't really know how to handle certain difficulties, they tend to struggle on endlessly. Too many people don't address the underlying causes of their problems, because they don't really understand or do not want to be (seen as) 'weak' or don't want to 'complain' - so they keep on going and in many cases the problems gradually get worse.

Many people try to oppress the signals of their body and mind that something isn't right - sometimes with the aid of alcohol or drugs - without working on a real solution. This prevents them from facing and tackling the difficulties and their confidence gets undermined still further by their endless struggle with the difficult feelings. Hereby it costs them much unnecessary time and trouble to restore their balance and regain their strength, confidence and energy.

Avoiding difficult situations and people sometimes seems very logical and everybody may do that sometimes. But if you do this too often your live, work, and relationships will suffer. Sometimes this leads - very gradually - to the avoidance of more people and situations than is expedient. Avoidance behavior becomes a problem if you (start to) avoid people and situations that are not really threatening, but which you still really dread - and instead of working on a real solution, you choose to shun.

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Avoidance can make you perform below your capacity and cause you to function in a limited world where not much is going on or not much is possible. People are often very good at denying their avoidance behavior and tend to have a lot of great sounding reasons to justify themselves. But ultimately those are just excuses to hide that something else is going on. Because in actuality everyone wants to have fun, do interesting things and make the most out of life, work and relationships.

When you encounter a difficult problem in your life, work and relationships it can be very helpful to seek expert advice. Your own solutions and those of the people around you may fall short, causing your problems to remain. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to acknowledge that they have a problem. The step to seek help and talk with someone about their problems is often big and because of this they often wait a long time and the problems exacerbate. The insight and experience of an expert can be very helpful to internalize a different and better way to cope with your problems.

Alas, people often feel alone in their difficulties and end up in a negative spiral, going from bad to worse. Due to the prolonged struggle with the problematic situations and feelings they become exhausted, discouraged and (even more) insecure. The Centrumpraktijk invites you to come and talk and give yourself the chance to gain more insight into yourself and your problems and to learn to deal better with difficult people, situations and feelings. When you examine your difficulties together with someone you get the opportunity to learn new things and to approach and solve problems in a different way. It will be very liberating when the cause of the problems get addressed, you can work on a real sollution and the difficult feelings fade more and more into the background.

Maybe you also avoid more than you normally would admit, even to yourself. But when you deny your problems you will not be able to solve them and you just make sure that you will continue to go round in the same limited circles. If you are facing what you do and don't because you are afraid, insecure or tired, you will better understand why it is important to work on a real solution. In order for you to be able to do all the fun and interesting things in life you would really like to do if you were not scared, insecure, stressed or tired, you have to take a first step - for instance to contact the Centrumpraktijk for an initial appointment.

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