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To be busy has become for many people so habitual that stress levels - often unnoticed - keep on rising. This can create a lot of negative emotional, physical and mental symptoms such as constant tension, irritation, frustration, outbursts, nervousness, insecurity, insomnia, head-, stomach- and neck pain, etc. - and sometimes even anxiety, overwrought, burnout and exhaustion. These are all clear signals that indicate that things aren't right and that something should be done to restore the balance.

Unfortunately, many people donīt take their feelings seriously and they donīt acknowledge that they donīt cope so well with stress or with the situation at hand. The signals are ignored or suppressed and they continue in their habitual way as long as possible - often with the aid of alcohol or drugs. With all the negative consequences included.

Overwrought arises when someone is experiencing too much stress for too long. To simply rest is no longer enough to regain one's balance. Even after a long holiday, a short confrontation with the (work) situation can almost immediately cause stress levels to rise to the same high levels as before. Sometimes the causes of the complaints are clearly identifiable, but more often deeper psychosocial factors cause stress and overwrought.

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Stress has many different causes such as the pressure to perform, the fear of dismissal, a bad working atmosphere, conflicts, perfectionism, working above or below one's capacities, not saying 'no', private and social difficulties, uncertainty about one's own performance, poor prospects, etc. Also conscientiousness, ambition and necessity, or commitment and enthusiasm, can make people go too far beyond their limits.

Often people do not know how to restore their balance or the complaints are not taken seriously. Thence too many people undergo too much pressure for too long and without intervention more serious symptoms can arise. It makes life not only a lot more pleasant to internalize a effective way to cope with stress. It prevents more serious problems to arise as well, such as becoming overwrought or burnout or getting persistent physical problems.

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