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There are many different forms of therapy, which may make it difficult to know what suits your needs and will help you best with the difficulties and challenges you are facing in your life. Therapy as practiced by the Centrumpraktijk consists of practical, effective and thorough methods, which helped the clients of the Centrumpraktijk in the past 17 years effectively to regain their balance and direction and to take new steps in their lives.

The therapy of the Centrumpraktijk helps you to recognize and tackle your pitfalls, blind spots and undermining patterns that impede your life. This enables you not to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again - with all the additional negative consequences - but to develop different and better ways to deal with yourself, other people and situations. You learn to retrieve your energy and strength, to become more relaxed and confident, both in the present and future.

Symptoms such as anxiety, uncertainty, stress, burnout, nervousness, exhaustion, etc. indicate that your balance is disrupted. The Centrumpraktijk helps you to understand and tackle the underlying causes of your problems. Because you learn to regain and retain your balance, the negative symptoms and their troublesome consequences disappear.

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The therapy of the Centrumpraktijk helps you to take better care of your body, mind and energy, so you do not overstrain yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. It teaches you to recognize your limits, to respect your needs and to stand up for yourself in a good way. It helps you to investigate, understand and address the 'difficult' situations you´re facing, so you don´t remain stuck in negative situations or avoid challenges, but become better able to take new steps and reach your goals.

The therapy of the Centrumpraktijk helps you to tackle the dysfunctional habits that make your life more difficult than is needed. You will be helped to tackle the undermining thoughts and negative beliefs that (subconsciously) obstruct you. Because of this you will learn to understand and accept yourself better, making you more realistic and stronger. By changing these negative beliefs you'll be better able to appreciate your qualities, and to use the opportunities and address challenges in your life.

The therapy of the Centrumpraktijk helps you to learn in a better way to deal with the 'lesser' sides of yourself, so that you no longer need to hide or suppress feelings like insecurity, nervousness, vulnerability, inferiority, embarrassment, fear, panic, negativity, inadequacy, failure, etc. When you learn to deal in a better way with these ' difficult ' feelings, they will no longer dominate your life or have a strong negative, inhibiting or debilitating effect on you. This enables you to be more relaxed and self-confident and to become more comfortable with yourself and others.

The therapy of the Centrumpraktijk helps you to overcome painful experiences from the (recent) past, in order for these experiences not to have a continuous negative effect on you. It assists you in cleaning up the ballast from the past that you carry with you, so you are not ruled by your negative past experiences and conditioning. So you can pick up the pieces again and start enjoying your life - in the way you chooce.

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