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More and more people make use of a coach in order to maximize their effectiveness and minimize their stress and dysfunctional habits. Coaching is a tool for professionals to become (even) better at their jobs and to deal with work related problems and challenges. In many companies the help of a coach is sought to prevent and cure stress, anxiety and burnout and to assist with difficulties in functioning and communication.

Coaching enables you to function better as a professional, sharpen your abilities and strengthen your weaknesses. Coaching helps you to stay clear and focused in the midst of an - often hectic - working enviroment. Coaching hands you the tools to tackle difficulties, make use of opportunities and to make better and more conscious choices. Coaching helps you to cope better with stress, responsibilities and worries, and to maintain or regain your energy and enthousiasm. > > read more about coaching > >

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Therapy enables you to tackle the undermining thoughts and negative beliefs that (subconsciously) obstruct you and make your life more difficult than necessary. In order not to be ruled by your negative past experiences and conditioning in can be necessary to clean up the baggage from the past that you still carry with you. Therapy helps you to overcome painful experiences from the (recent) past, in order for these experiences not to have a continuous negative effect on you. So you can start enjoying your life more and live truly the way you chooce.

Therapy helps to deal in a better way with the 'lesser' sides of yourself, so that you no longer need to hide or suppress feelings like insecurity, nervousness, inferiority, fear, inadequacy, failure, etc. When you learn to deal in a better way with these difficult feelings, they will no longer dominate your life or have a strong inhibiting effect on you. By changing these negative obstructions you'll be better able to address the challenges in your life. This makes you to be more relaxed and self-confident and more comfortable with yourself and others. > > read more about therapy > >

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